July 2010

Miami Florida Music

The music scene in Miami, Florida is culturally diverse and full of variation. The sounds of the city have been touched by many different cultures and people. The main influences of music have been from Cuba, and other island communities located nearby. The Cubans brought conga and rumba, bachata, and merengue were brought by the Dominican people, and vallenato and cumbia were brought by Columbians. There is, however, all types of music (from many influences) that can be seen and heard throughout the city.

Miami is thought of as a party city. It is a place where the rich and famous (and the rest of us) go to "let it all out". As such there is a strong connection to the city with endless party and musical popular culture. Many songs, music videos, and music festivals mention or take place in the city. The city is home to many recording artists - and the studios that house them.