January 2012

Cris Cab

Cris Cab is the newest artist to hit the music scene, and he is extremely good! Hailing from Miami, the 18 year old takes inspiration from Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley among others. When I first began listening to Cris early last year I had a feeling that he would blowup, well I guess Pharrell Williams has that same feeling. The producer, singer and designer took Cab under his wing as his protégé. The fact that he is Pharrell’s protégé there is almost a guarantee that his music will be up to par with quality music as opposed just mainstream music.

Yellow Son - 'Black Cloud'

This punchy, colorful electropop tune is the only thing Yellow Son has up on his Bandcamp page right now, but it's fun enough to warrant a watch on this guy.

Another Case of too much Money to Spend

Every once in awhile I find myself reminiscing about an artist who once was something, and wonder whatever happened to them? People on this list include Lyfe Jennings, Scott Storch, Cherish, Ciara, Jojo and for a short time Kelly Clarkson. I usually search each person to find any updated news about them. Well it seems as though I hadn’t searched Scott Storch’s name in years. I was shocked to find out that the reason Storch hadn’t made a decent hit was because of his expensive drug problem. Cocaine, more specifically, is what caused him to blow through much of his fortune. I just always wonder how some artists can squander so much money, then I remember its just another case of too much money to spend.

Jesse Boykins III - 'Back Home (Mermaids&Dragons)'

JBIII has drawn from many a city to create his signature soulful groove. Making stops in Chicago, New York, and Miami on a lifelong journey around the planet, Jesse has cultivated his experiences into an instantly addictive sound.