February 2012

Nine Mile Music Festival without Marley Brothers this year

The Nine Mile Music Festival is an annual Miami reggae music festival. The festival was dubbed “Marley Fest” for the late Bob Marley. The 19th annual festival is scheduled to take place this year on March 3 without the Marley brothers. Marley’s three sons, Stephen, Damian, and Julian Marley were expected to perform at this year’s event. Unexpectedly the trio pulled out of the event, and issued a statement saying that they would not be performing.

Torche - 'Kicking'

Torche's much-anticipated third record Harmonicraft, which was self-recorded in the band's own studio, won't be out until April 24th, but the Miami stoner rockers have given us a teaser with the newly premiered single "Kicking". Check it out below.