March 2012

Approaching Nirvana - 'The Way Home'

Approaching Nirvana is the project of two electronic music producers who have never met each other face-to-face. They collaborate on tracks solely over the internet, resulting in some pretty danceable beats.

Miami's Ultra Music Festival

Miami is known for producing a variety of different music. Its location allows it to easily be influenced by a variety of cultures and genres. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that one of the biggest music festivals takes part in Miami. The Ultra Music Festival begins Friday March 23 in Miami Florida. The sold-out event is sure to sweep Miami with music that no other city has seen. Satellite parties at every Miami venue begin on Thursday and will also offer screenings for the Can U Feel It: The Ultra Music Festival Experience. The screenings will offer you an inside look into the music and dance culture that festival celebrates. With the help of these parties you will be able to start dancing and bobbing away to music before the actual festival begins.

Mansion Nightclub Wants More Commercial Music

What is a good night out at a cub without your Top 100 Hits? It seems as though Mansion nightclub, in Miami believes there is no other music besides commercial music. According to Miami New Times, the nightclub recently stopped DJ Dennis Ferrer during his set for not playing music that was "commercial enough." The funny thing is that the DJ Dennis Ferrer is a relatively commercial DJ.

Hologram - 'Skyrunner'

This new track from Hologram embodies a lot of the essence of electronic music's forebearers. Analog, psychedelic IDM for the dance historians out there.